Rules & Requests
(for everybody's safety and enjoyment)

1. To protect the wooden floor, please carry in your soft-soled dance shoes. Sneakers are fine, but please -- NO BOOTS, NO hard-soled shoes, and  NO heels smaller than inch-and-a-half.

2. Children of all ages are welcome, but if they aren't dancing they must be chaperoned and under control at all times.

3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in any of the buildings. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted.

You are part of a social community - please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

5. We are guests in the building. Please keep it clean. Do not enter areas or rooms not in use for the event.

6. The dance organizers and managers reserve the right...

1.  Please bring something to share at the break or contribute $$ to the basket.

Please help our newcomers. Ask them to be your partner for a dance.

3. Learn and use good dance manners. If uncertain about anything, please ask.

. At the end of the evening, please help reset the chairs and other items in the room.

5. We're an all-volunteer organization. So volunteer, already!


  " lines of four,
          dance down the hall."